Monday, April 24, 2006


I think this scene is exactly like I can imagine reading the Gospels.
Pilate asks Jesus to say anything because he knows that He is innocent.
Jesus tells him that His kingdom isn’t of this world, he doesn’t think that Pilate really has any power.
When Pilate asks people if they want to crucify their king, they say that they don’t have other king than Caesar.
The scene is impressive, especially where the slashes aren’t from whips,instead they come from people’s bodies.
The visual impact is impressive, with the music, colour and movement, we can feel like we were there.



At 11:22 PM, Anonymous agustina testa said...

Hi fran. I don't know what it is, but anyway, i'm writing to you. but the problem is that i don't know what to speak so i send you kisses and i wish you de best. Agus.

At 8:03 PM, Blogger Juleebeth said...

Greetings!! Thank you for the invite to your blog!
Yes, I am big fan of JCS. I prefer the original version, or otherwise known as the 70's version, but the updated version does have its charm. I have been lucky enough, and gasp! old enough to have seen both versions. All though I was pretty young the first time I was taken to the performance. I still have the original songbook and might concider scanning and posting a few or all of the pages if there is an interest.
Just wanted to say HEY and HELLO to all!

At 8:35 AM, Anonymous consty said...

hello!!!!! well it's a really hard work. Congratulations for everybody who works in this project. I didn't see "Jesucristo Superstar" but what I could see it's a good thing to see on breaks of time. Kisses to all!!!!! and congratulations for this work!!!!. bye bye!

At 9:40 AM, Blogger Illya said...

I am really impressed by this blog! It's expressive and you make such good use of the pictures!
Too bad we can't hear the music in the blog, but I certainly remember it and hear it in my head.
Greetings from an English teacher in Switzerland
Illya Arnet

At 7:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi to all and everyone who worked hard to create this blog. is a very good blog for anyone who likes reading the gospels.

Madam I do not play this song and I chose this because this song touched me. Nor was a connection with my subject. the theme of my song is what is the buzz?. that song was very good because it showed us what was happening and said to Jesus and Judas. you think and put yourself wondering who tine reason?
regarding the selected songs on this blog lately weber were wrong!

At 7:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, My comment is the next:
This scene is very crucial to the history.
If Pilate had't decided Jesus had been crusificed, he hadn't revived and he wouldn't be a Messiah.
This is very poor, but it my capacity.
Bye bye teacher.

At 7:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

he was federico isjaqui

At 7:17 PM, Anonymous Lucila said...

I was inquiring about it. And I found the following:
Jesus was arrested by a group of men.
They asked Pilate to execute Jesus. Pilate knowing that he was not guilty let the people decide between releasing a prisoner named Barabbas or Jesus free.
The people, choose the release of Barabbas.
(Before that decision Pilate symbolically washed his hands to indicate that HE DIDN’T WANT TO BE PART OF THE DECISION )
My question is, why if is Pilate’s decision to say yes or no, left to the people choose and then “he wash his hands"?


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