Friday, May 05, 2006

Heaven on their minds

This scene shows us, through Judas´ words, what Jesus represented to Jews in that moment of Israel history. They didn’t take him as a Messiah who would save them from the death, with love and without weapons. Jews were waiting for a strong man who would fight against the invaders, the Romans.
Phariseans and Holy Priests couldn’t understand the message of Jesus Christ. Judas thought the same way, so he realized that if they put against Romans they would be crushed. But I think Judas also knew the real meaning of Jesus arrival to the world, but it’s a bit confusing about this because he also tells Jesus: ¨I admire you as a man¨.
And, at the end of the scene, he criticizes his followers because they don´t get worried about the present troubles, they are too worried about Heaven.

Esteban Burghi


At 9:44 AM, Anonymous Joe Hammed said...

Excellent!! I belive the point of the opera on this matter was that the Jews were an oppressed people who were looking for a "Messiah" to help free them from oppression. Judas loved Jesus and was behind the "cause" (Christianity). But when he saw the Cause was in danger, he betrayed Jesus to save the movement. Maybe it was Judas who couldn't undertstand the message?
Great job on the blog.


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