Monday, April 24, 2006

Judas' Gospel and “Jesus Christ Superstar”

Judas Gospel is about Jesus' life but from the point of view of Judas
Judas isn’t a betrayer , he’s Jesus’ best friend.
The followers of Judas said Jesus commend his life to Judas because he would do his best.
This testament has got similar view than the rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar”.
Judas knew the future of Jesus and Jesus’ life depended on Judas.
The plot is coincident in both text.
The peasants found this testament thirty years ago and this is a coincidence with the date of creation of the rock opera.
I wonder Did Lloyd Weber know about this discovery?.



I think this scene is exactly like I can imagine reading the Gospels.
Pilate asks Jesus to say anything because he knows that He is innocent.
Jesus tells him that His kingdom isn’t of this world, he doesn’t think that Pilate really has any power.
When Pilate asks people if they want to crucify their king, they say that they don’t have other king than Caesar.
The scene is impressive, especially where the slashes aren’t from whips,instead they come from people’s bodies.
The visual impact is impressive, with the music, colour and movement, we can feel like we were there.


Did you like it?

I don’t know whether I like it or not, I am not sure.
Mainly, I think that it’s a blasphemy against Jesus. Only His human part is shown as Mary Magdalene said: ``He’s a man, he’s just a man´´.
Judas shows himself as a victim of a holy plan and not as the big betrayer he is. First, I was excited with the idea of watching a Jesus movie, but, in the end it disappointed me.
I believe that following Jesus is a fair and beautiful way of living, besides the humanity is too damaged as to go ahead without Him, and it shouldn’t ignore Him like it is doing, although we are every time more stimulated with all the related to the superficial affairs, the opera is a clear sample of our misery. I would like to believe that Jesus wasn’t a selfish and sober person Who only wanted His fame, He said things nobody said before, and nobody is going to say in the future….Weber and Rice can’t play with His name, instead they should thank Him.

God bless you.

Fede Bois y Alvaro Ducasse

Pilates' dream

Pilate dreams, in fact he’s got a nightmare. He sees what will happen with Jesus and his role of hangman that he doesn’t want to be. He knows that Jesus is innocent but he gets rid of this situation. Perhaps he doesn’t want to lose his political position. Corrupt politician at the end.
The change of acting of the people scares me too, at first they ask that Jesus must be damned and then they blame Pilates.
The character is strong and weak at the same time and the expressivity used by the actor makes the nightmare something so real.

As a matter of fact, in the New Testament says:
MATEO 27.19
“When he was set down on the judgment seat, his wife sent unto him, saying. Have thou nothing to do with that just man: for I have suffered many things this day in a dream because of him.”
It isn't Pilates' nightmare, it's his wife's.


Damned for all time

Judas wonders for the real reason for the betrayal. He tries to justify himself saying that he had to do that . He even said that Jesus wouldn’t care. He didn’t want a reward but he didn’t want to be damned for all time.
The priests show themselves cold. The voice of Annas is very odd . And Caiphas sounds like a thunder.
They ask him to give up the protest and they promise him a cash reward .
They want Jesus to be alone.
In the Gospels Jesus asks why they didn’t catch him when he was preaching in the temple.
The same question I ask myself, so will they need the participation of Judas?

Luis Agustin Casajus (Tini)

Simon Zealotes.

After the glorious entrance of Jesus in Jerusalem; Simon represents who believed Jesus was a politic leader.
The weapons are one clear proof of the war against Roma. Many people didn’t understand Jesus' message who often said that His kingdom was not from this world.
Simon asks to add a bit of hate to Roma to His message and to sets his people free. Finally he uses one phrase from the Gospel…. “The Glory for ever, amen….”
While Simon speaks Jesus’ face is more than elocuent. He feels that people haven’t understood anything.

Danilo Perez.

Poor Jerusalem

Jesus tells them that they don’t understand what the Glory is.
Glory that Simon had offered before, taking Him as a political leader who was going to free them from Roma
He told Jerusalem that it had the eyes closed . But probably the stronger phrase is that to defeat the death it is only necessary to die.
If we remember the image, we see Jesus opening his way through the disciples carrying weapons. They try to put them in his arms while he pushes them back. His face shows disappointment. He seems to be depressed, for the idea of they didn’t understand ANYTHING.

Alvarez Juan José (Jota)
Piergiacomi Federico (Feche)

King´s Herodes Song

The scene of king Herodes is a perfect music hall, with lights, girls, and dancing steps.
The king introduces himself and tries to tempt Jesus.
He asks him to walk over the swimming pool, to convert de water in wine.
He asked him to prove his divinity.
In the close up in which de actor approaches his face to Jesus, we can´t avoid to relate him with a snake. That´s the clear intention, I guess.
Jesus stays in silence, he doesn´t fall in the temptation, like in the gospels.
Lucas says in (23;8): And when Herod sae Jesus, he was exceeding glad: for he was desirous to see him os a long season, because he had heard many things of him; and he hoped to have seen some miracle done bye him.
After the colour ,the action and the mockery, in this scence, the calm came in "Everything´s alright" by Mary Magdalene.

Nacho Debuchy (Trenque Lauquen).

Judas' death

We can't see when he hung himself but we've got the feeling that he did it when the rope fell down.
The mob that go with him push him to suicide.
The desperation of Judas doesn't get an answer from the priests. It´s touching to see Judas crawling and creeping on the floor.
He feels he has been spattered with innocent blood.
Then we listen in Judas'voice, the Mary's words: "I don´t know how to love him..."
He looks as confused as her.And he justifies himself saying that Jesus "is just a man."
But if he justified himself why would he suicide?

Juan Casero